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First Edition  


Published: January 6, 2014




ISBN:  978-985405915 ~ Paperback

ASIN:  B00I3QYV9E ~ eBook




Second Edition 


Published: October 11, 2015

w/Study Guide




ISBN:  978-985405946 ~ Paperback

ASIN:  B016H6ZTH4 ~ eBook


Everlasting Love

        God's Greatest Gift

          An Intimate Journey in the Love of the Father



This book is meant to be a guide to those seeking a relationship with our heavenly Father. It tells of the trinity of God for man's purpose and the trinity of man for God's plan.
A second edition is now available which includes a study guide
beneficial for individual or group participation. Also, additional spiritual topics are provided along with a comprehensive look at the nature, works, and position of Christ in the Trinity of God.
Everlasting Love presents the trinity of God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; the trinity of man with a spirit, soul, and body; and the Kingdom of Heaven which functions with mercy, grace, and faith. From the beginning of creation, God fashioned the heavens and the earth for you with an enduring and everlasting love, never forgotten or forsaken. We are the sons and daughters, heirs of the Kingdom with the privilege given in Christ to come before the throne of God and claim our inheritance. Mercy, grace, faith, blessings, promises, gifts, and power forever abound to the faithful children of the Almighty King. 
We obtain a life-altering makeover through the blood of Christ and given the gift of faith to unlock the mysteries of God's Kingdom that we may receive His supernatural power to defeat fear, anxiety, depression, confusion, illness, disease, heart-ache, financial disparity, and addictions. God intends for His children to overcome and triumph in any adversity and be set free from whatever holds us captive as the result of living in a fallen world.
Take the key of faith, place it in the Kingdom lock, and turn to the truth in His Word to open a new beginning in your life today. Live as a rightful heir of the Almighty King of the Kingdom of Heaven, secure and sealed in the Father's Everlasting Love.
Everlasting Love is a FREE gift to anyone who makes a request by email to the author for a print copy. To those desiring a specific quantity for study groups and organizations, please submit your inquiry for further instructions.


Patricia writes from life's prespective entwining elements of suspense, drama, intrigue, humor, and love into genuine compelling stories with a foundation of faith and inspiration. Anyone who reads her novels will garner a heartfelt compassion for life as well as incurring empathy for the plight of the characters as though they were a dear friend. You will renew your faith and be inspired that all things are possible to those who trust in the truth of the Father's promises.

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