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My Story...

As a published author of two decades, it always amazes me when the next book takes precedence among my thoughts. It is never a contemplation of what to write, but a revelation that possesses my mind creating a cascade of flourishing words that become entrapped into a book; conception to  conclusion. 
However, I wasn't always a writer, but I've always been an unbeknown entrepreneur. Reflecting through the years, it was typical for me to navigate towards the creative nature of my personality which accounted for my generally natural intuitiveness of entrepreneurship. It seems to have been more of the logical thing to do rather than the planned. Let me expound a bit so you will understand what I mean.  When I began a writing career in 2004, it was not my deciding one day I was going to write the next great American novel. It was God's design for my life, who then and now, inspires me to write. This is important, for we all are given gifts/talents; however, knowing what they are and utilizing them is required for success.  

Within the arena of book signings and speaking engagements, the most common statement I was approached with was: "I have an idea for a book, but I don't know how to begin." Learning of this need for assistance, I presented PaMar Creative Writing in 2014; a full-service entity for the newbie author. Also along my journey, I have had the privilege to ghostwrite and edit for others.

I firmly believe we are all entrepreneurs. It's simply taking your passion/talent and cultivating it to fruition. The desire to achieve success whether it be as a home-based mom, the career-oriented, or the business breakthrough from an interest or hobby, it merely takes having the ambition, focus, and determination to bring it all to reality... your reality.  All things are possible when God is at the helm of our life. 

Let the passion rise in you. Success is always in sight!


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