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Inheritance, Righteous and Rich in Christ reveals the inheritance we have in Christ. When we are born of His Spirit, we become joint-heirs in Him whereby all the Kingdom treasures that God desires to bestow upon His children become available.

God does not withhold His love, mercy, grace, and power but rather gives over-flowing into our lives when we accept His Son who came down to earth to become the Son of Man, so that man could become the sons and daughters of God. In understanding the signifi-cance of the beloved Son of God becoming the Son of Man, we acquire the wisdom and knowledge of how to attain our inheritance.

The things that our heavenly Father has planned and prepared for each of us was established at the foundation of His Creation and is for this lifetime, for these gifts will not be required in our eternal homeland, the New Jerusalem. They are meant to help us live a spirit life in a fallen world as we remain focused on the Kingdom of God.

Today, Christ sits with the Father in the Kingdom as our High Priest who is our mediator and propitiation before God. In our relationship with Christ, we have been given entitlement to the Kingdom. As the Father has given all things both in heaven and on earth to His Son, so has the Son given all things in heaven to the Father's children on earth.

Inheritance, Righteous and Rich in Christ gives clarity in how to identify and obtain your inheritance through maintaining a righteous and rich relationship in Christ.

First Edition  -   December 2019

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