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Heal the Heart, Heal the Body

Healing is a matter of the heart. Whether it is physical, mental, emotion, or spiritual, the heart has a direct link to receiving healing. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, then you already know that Christ fulfilled the promises of God. We learn In the covenant God made with Abraham that he would become the father of many nations. Through this covenant, we have the lineage of David; and thus, our Lord Jesus Christ. God made another covenant with his son, jesus, who born of flesh came as our savior. Christ came to fulfill the Father's work and in doing so, we are the recipients of the finished work that christ completed at the cross. To those born of the spirit of god in christ, we are sons and daughters for God is our heavenly Father. his promises/blessings become provisions/gifts for our benefit to help during our lifetime here on this planet.


Christ died so that we may have a reconciliation to God, the Creator, the Father of all things in existence. To have a physical manifestation of a healed body, there must first be a spiritual connection to the power source for that healing. Here is an analogy: think of God as an outlet on the wall of your house that electricity actively flows through. You are the cord with a prong on the end of the plug. The cord is your body and the plug with the prongs is Christ. When Christ is present and we are connected to Him, we can insert the prongs on the plug of the cord and be connected to the power of God. this is specifically done through the gift that christ gives, the holy spirit, who is the power of god. christ is the authority and the holy spirit will manisfest. Remove the plug from the outlet and we lose the connection to the power source. therefore, It is our responsibility to know and receive what Christ has made available for us and it is provided through the Holy Spirit who lives in our heart always ready to help. It is merely acknowledging and accepting with an open heart of faith and trust in the Father's finished work in Christ at the Cross.

A Heart for Healing

Patricia Marlett

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