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Children in the Crossfire

Children in the Crossfire reveals the ongoing warfare between Lucifer and God which began before there was man. When you study the events in biblical history as a snapshot of sequential scenes, it exposes what transpired in the Kingdom of Heaven and continues in the Kingdom of Earth.


It all began with Lucifer's defiance and attempt to oust the Almighty King from His throne. Lucifer was evicted, along with the fallen angels, to the Kingdom of Earth. Realizing he wasn't going to be the king of Heaven, he set his objective to be king of Earth and stole the position from Adam through deceit. Satan rules this earthen kingdom with the same measure of deception and your spiritual death is his desire, for it is the spirit person, born in Christ, that makes you a child of the Almighty King. We are all the target as he continuously attempts to derail us from the truth of our Most High God.

The spiritual battle is presently and actively ongoing behind the scenes in your life, and unbeknownst, playing havoc in your daily affairs. Most often when matters in life are array, we have a tendency to fault our heavenly Father. However, it isn't God but Satan, the god of this earthen Kingdom, who rules with intend to steal, kill, and destroy. Understanding this spiritual battle will enable you to deflect and denounce his attempts to place obstacles in your life.

Your stronghold in this spiritual battle is to put on the armor of God with His hedge of protection and be enveloped in your Father's arms. Be guarded and protected by the One who gives you life, loves you, desires for you to be His child, and who will give you eternity in His Kingdom. With your gift of a free will, choose the Almighty King of the Kingdom of Heaven and be released from the entrapments of this earthen ruler, so that you will no longer be a child caught in the crossfire.

First Edition  -  December 2017

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