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"I cannot do great things alone, but God            will do great things through me."


Its has been two decades since I embarked on a new and exciting career when I penned my first novel, The Talking Tee Shirt, in 2004 for the young reader genre. At the time, I was truly unaware of the passion within my heart waiting to be given a voice. Little did I know that God was going to reveal my destiny. Since then, I have written several books, fiction and non-fiction, as well as ghostwriting.  A few of these novels were specifically written to accompany a film. This was  a very exciting experience.
I believe it is a privilege to write entertaining, compassionate, and heartwarming stories that touch the lives of the reader which is my greatest desire. My stories are contemporary with an underlying message of inspiration and faith, of hope and resilience.
As an author, there is much joy in hearing how the message, though subtly embedded within the story, has been received and helped someone with concerns and obstacles in their life. Nothing is more rewarding than to know that something I penned in a simple story has been a benefit, and perhaps, a blessing to another seeking answers.
Thus, without any doubt, I believe the special inspirational book, Everlasting Love, God's Greatest Gift, now with a study guide included, truly brings me to the pinnacle of my career. I know in my heart that God has given me the gift, and I will always praise the Lord as I continue to be a steward in His Kingdom. My greatest pleasure is writing for my heavenly Father and in Everlasting Love, I write about Him telling of the unconditional, enduring, and everlasting love of our heavenly Father for His children. This non-fiction book details the trinity of God, Man, and the Kingdom of Heaven. I challenge you to obtain the book and learn for yourself the wondrous benefits of being the son or daughter of the Almighty King. With the enjoyment I received in penning Everlasting Love, God's Greatest Gift, so it is with immense pleasure that I give it freely to anyone who requests it.
Also, Why Prayers Aren't Answered, Understanding Kingdom Principles, gives insight for why prayers aren't always answered. It's not God withholding His greatness, but rather something lacking within our knowledge of His Kingdom principles. 
Children in the Crossfire reveals the ongoing warfare between Lucifer and God, and how we are the children caught in the crossfire. It began in the Kingdom of Heaven and will end in the Kingdom of Earth when Christ returns. 
Also, my latest Fervent Prayer and It Is Finished! continues to define the truths of God's Word as we learn in the Scriptures taught by the Spirit of Truth. In It Is Finished!we see God's plan for man through His work at Creation which has been fulfilled by His Son on the Cross. Thus, from Creation to Cross we witness the works of God and Christ.
In my book, Splendor in the Holy Spirit, details the power of God as revealed in both the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Born of the Spirit of Christ, you automatically receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to teach you all things pertaining to an eternal life within God's Kingdom. Within this book, you also learn how to apply God's power into today's circumstances.
God has a plan for everyone's life, and a gift within His plan that we use to glorify His Kingdom. I hope you are living your passion, your destiny, and enjoying your gift.
May God richly bless your life!



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