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Why Prayers Aren't Answered

In Why Prayers Aren't Answered, Understand-ing Kingdom Principles, there is insight to the most frequently asked question among Christians today. When we pray to our heavenly Father and no answer if forthcoming, what has happened? From our carnal perspective, it appears that God is not responding; however, this is far from the truth. If we understand the precepts, or laws, that govern the Kingdom of Heaven, the provisions God has given to each believer for approaching His throne becomes clear. Without following the principles God established, we will certainly be remiss in receiving answered prayers.

The methodology of our prayers may be inadequate to receiving  the resolutions we seek. If our attempt to communicate with the Almighty King is through our carnal abilities, it will not be effective. The Kingdom of Heaven is spiritual, and thus, we must approach as the spirit person we are in Christ through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the dis-connect from receiving answered prayers lies in the lack of knowledge of Gods' Word concerning how the Kingdom functions and the means by which we may submit our petitions.

God does not withhold His greatness from His children. Our heavenly Father knows of our request before we utter the first word in prayer. He desires to give to His children, for He established everything for man at the foundation of His creation. However, we must know how to appropriate our prayers to receive.

This book is intended to enlighten those who seek answers, for there is an answer! God always provides, for He promises it.

First Edition  -  April 2016

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