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Everlasting Love, God's Greatest Gift


                     with Study Guide

Table of Contents

Part 1

TRINITY OF GOD: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost


Beginning in the Garden of Eden
God is our Father
Jesus is our Savior
The Holy Spirit is our Tutor

Part 2


TRINITY OF MAN: Body, Soul, and Spirit
Who is Man?
The Body of Man
The Soul of Man
The Spirit of Man


Part 3

TRINITY OF THE KINGDOM: Mercy, Grace, and Faith


The Kingdom of Heaven
The Mercy of God
The Grace of God
The Faith of Man

Part 4


The Power of Prayer
A Relationship with God
Gifts of the Trinity
The Covenants
The Will of God
Blood of Christ
Seven Final Words of Jesus
The Trinity of Christ
Names and Titles of Jesus
Afflictions Upon Man
The Unmistakable Mistake
God vs Lucifer: Tale of Two Kings
A Heart for Health
The Sabbath and Sanctuary
Era of Miracles
Seven Feasts of the Lord
God's Timeline from Creation to Christ
Portrait of Man's Life
Kingdom of Heaven

Part 5

Lessons of Love
Principles of Healing

Part 6


King James Bible
Scriptures on Love
Scriptures on Healing
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