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Summer in the Backwoods

Two months after the death of their father, ten year old twins, Timmy and Tabitha, are unexplainably sent across the country to live the summer months with grandparents they have never met in the backwoods of Georgia. No amount of pleading on Timmy's part will convince his mother to let them remain home, so he can spend time with his best friend, Eric.

To make matters worse, the twins were picked up at the airport and taken to a remote rundown farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Thinking his mother has made a huge mistake, Timothy calls her to negotiate returning to California. Surely when he explains the conditions, she will be sympathetic to their plight. But that wasn't the case, and they found themselves stuck on a farm in a place they had never heard of and doubted anyone else had, either.

Tabitha, being more diplomatic, took the news in stride. Though she felt empathy for her brother, she accepted their circumstances as an adventure. As Timothy is loathing the idea, she encourages him to give it a chance; after all, there were no options. How bad can it be living in the country for a few weeks?

The twins discover being on their grandparent's farm wasn't the terrible ordeal Timothy anticipated and learned to appreciate the country lifestyle. As everyone was dealing with the loss of their father, love was kindled while mending broken hearts as four individuals  spent a Summer in the Backwoods.

First Edition -      July 2012

Second Edition - September 2017

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