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Passionate Promises

Passionate Promises - Patricia Marlett
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Passionate Promises, A Legacy is about twin sisters, Sabrina and Sophie, who inherited a surprising legacy from their beloved Aunt Millie, their last remaining relative.  However, this is no ordinary legacy. Since the funeral, Sabrina is plagued by a soft voice whispering in her ear and feels the presence of someone nearby, always with her.  And then the dreams begin. These unusual experiences are daunting to Sabrina, but she remains determined to uncover the meaning held within the legacy. Someone is trying to get her attention, but who and for what purpose? Is there a connection to her Aunt Millie?

Believing she has no choice but to take a b brief sabbatical from her career as a photojournalist, Sabrina returns to her aunt's hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, to investigate Aunt Millie's sudden and mysterious death, along with the surprising inheritance. Sabrina's re-velation of her aunt's life and the legacy left to her and Sophie is disturbing, and she finds herself in a quandary of what to do. As she unveils the legacy, Sabrina discovers the impact it has on her life, something she didn't expect.

Sabrina's self-imposed sabbatical gives her the opportunity to meet a local bachelor, Ben Cooper, who shows an interest in her. Though focused on being a sleuth during her stay in Asheville, she  finds herself mesmerized by the attention of Ben. Always a career-oriented photojournalist first, will she take the time to nurture a relationship with him? Sabrina has much to come to terms with and all is leading to major changes in her future. Is she ready for what is about to happen?

First Edition  -      September  2009

Second Edition  -  September  2017

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