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It Is Finished!

Christ's final words on the Cross before He released His Spirit were: It is Finished! In nearly two-thousand years, what is the significance of these three omnipotent words in our life today? The answer is everything. All that was planned during the seven days of God's Creation was declared finished four-thousand years later when Jesus hung on a piece of wood, the Cross, at Golgotha. It came full circle from Creation to cross; God declaring it and the Son fulfilling the plans God had for man.

God in the personages of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit its for the purpose of giving, serving, protecting, and providing for you. The Father gives, the Son serves, and the Holy Spirit provides. Jesus served the people while on Earth and took our punishment as the Son of Man on the Cross sacrificing Himself, so we could be sanctified. Christ, Son of God, continues to serve you from His throne as King.

A relationship with our heavenly Father requires understanding our position in His Son, for the Father has given all things to His son, and the Son has made all things possible for the Father, so we can go where no man can be without Him. We are righteous in Christ for the Kingdom, and we rest in the work and word of God. God and His Son have finished their work; however, we have a responsibility in receiving what they have appropriated.

On the final day of Creation, God sanctified His work and rested, for it was finished. In the final hour on the Cross, Christ proclaimed, it is finished and died. Everything the Father and the Son have done, Creation to Cross, beginning to end, has been for you.

First Edition  -   June 2018

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