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A Long Way Off

A year after graduating college, Jake makes the decision to leave his father's produce farm and head for the city. Handling vegetables and vendors was not the plan for his future believing there was an easier way to make money. Jake's interest was in finance experimenting in stock market trade, and thus, saw himself as a successful entrepreneur but he need-ed to be in the city to makes things happen. There was one glitch to this well thought out venture: Jake needed money.

William witnessed the restlessness in his youngest son, but never expected that Jake would leave the farm; after all, he and his older brother, Seth, were the fourth generation to carry on the business. When Jake approached his father about leaving and requested his inherit-ance, it was a disappointment William couldn't hide, but he wasn't going to fault his son for wanting a different life and agreed to give him the money.

Jake leaves the farm with a small duffel bags of clothes, a few personal items, his laptop and a big wad of cash with no intention of ever returning. William sensed this might be the last time he will see his son and worried for his safety. He understood as a young man that Jake had to make his own way in life.


In his desire for success and fame, Jake's journey reveal an important lesson in uncontidion love and the it is never A Long Way Off.

First Edition -     March 2015

Second Edition - September 2017

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